Monday, August 22, 2011

Fortify and Conquer

I don’t think anyone likes to do self examination into the area of personal problems anymore. We have a quick fix for everything, or a pill that will numb us to the symptoms, and even in our religion we “justify” our actions. Today, I continued using, The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Weight Management, as part of my regiment to attack my weight problems and deal with my emotional and binge eating issues. It would be very easy to fall back into a pattern of depression, hurt, anger, etc, BUT the goal is to face MY problems not make excuses or continue to hurt myself with food.

So, today, as I worked on a new recipe – a trip to a farmers market over the weekend beckoned me to create a healthy recipe for gumbo which I’ll share later! – I worked on my workbook and I did some Bible study to help fortify the inner man. It was much easier to deal with my past and even my failures after taking a stroll through God’s Word. I literally had to put the workbook aside and spend some time with God in order to get out of the funk facing some painful memories caused today. God is good, and led me right to a passage that lifted me up!

Go with me to Psalm 28 and take a moment to read this short chapter please. Verses 6-8 really gave me a burst of positive thinking, a boost of can do spirit, and bolstered my faith in the promises of God to be there for me.

1.       Vs. 6 - God hears my requests! I know that as long as my requests are God’s will for me, and I do believe he wants me to be healthy body and soul, then my requests are heard and He will help me!

2.       Vs. 7 - I don’t have to count on my strength alone because God is my strength! He will shield me from temptation! He will help me! These thoughts truly do make me happy, and it does put a song of praise in my heart for the Lord.

3.       Vs. 8 – God is my strength and my Saviour!

So, with my soul nourished, and my head set on facing my problems I set out to identify one word today – gluttony. What is it? One definition I found summed it up as: excessive eating or drinking. So what does the Bible say about gluttony and why is it wrong? This question led me to this very well written article. I hope you will read it. It is not very long and really gives a good Biblical look into gluttony.

The thought that gluttony is all tied into self control or the lack of it really got me to thinking today too. I must learn to be in better control of my thoughts over many matters, especially my actions and my words. Gluttony is really just an out of control desire to please myself to the detriment of my physical body and an act of rebellion against my Lord. I must learn to fuel my body wisely and as needed with food, fill my soul with the wisdom of God, bare my soul to the Lord via prayer, and educate my soul through study of God’s Word. In other words, fortify my soul and conquer sin! I can do this!

I have already lost 5 pounds on my journey, Steps to a Healthier Me. Yet, I will tell you now, the biggest encouragement has been you. I have had people share their own insecurities regarding weight and emotional/binge eating. I have had comments of encouragement poured out on me. You all have been such a blessing. I hope my ramblings motivate and encourage you on your own journey to good health. Have a great day everyone!

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