Sunday, January 27, 2013

What is stopping you?

How many times have you dreamed about doing something, but have had your dreams remain a thought in your head? We only have one chance in life. Every day, every minute, every second…once they tick by, they are GONE! So WHAT IS STOPPING YOU?

I lived for years listening to a very important person in my life telling me that if I were only a certain size/number on the scale that I would be perfect. This destroyed my sense of self worth. Then I spent some time with another very important person in my life that told me my dreams were mythical pipe dreams and I failed to believe in myself.

I don’t share those things to have a pity party or to seek pity. The entire purpose of me sharing my journey to a Healthier Me with you is to hopefully help others to get to a better place in life. Our emotions control so much in our daily lives. How we think and feel cause us to choose professions, marriage partners, how many children we have or don’t have, etc., etc.

I had to face some demons from my past to beat emotional eating. I had to forgive people in my life that have never, and I seriously doubt they will ever apologize or acknowledge how terribly bad they hurt me. I also had to forgive myself for how I reacted to some of the emotional hurts toward these people, and to relearn some behaviors that affect me daily when it comes to emotional eating.

Life is precious. I am choosing to live. I am lucky because I have some very wonderful people in my life that love me for me as I am, and only want me to be healthy. I have friends to exercise with, to cheer me on, and to encourage me and celebrate milestones with me all the time.

That is not all either. I have found some wonderful encouragement simply by being willing to share my journey. Do you realize how many people are facing the overweight demon in life? It is greater than 66% of Americans! Staggering! You are not alone if you are part of the 66%. The question is are you willing to make changes in order to change?

There are some very important lessons we can learn from the Bible when it comes to our health. God forbids us to be gluttons. Over eating causes more than just extra weight, we know it leads to many health problems from joint pain to heart attack. We learn that we are to be forgiving. Science now proves that people who forgive and don’t hold grudges are healthier. We learn we are not to worry. Stress is labeled the silent killer, and for me when I worry I feel the greatest stress.

You don’t have to start your journey alone, even if you are physically alone a lot. Join a weight loss group online. I find visiting sites about health and nutrition so very helpful. I also find that taking time to visit sites on Facebook that are focused on weight loss to be so very encouraging, and I have made some great friends online that encourage me and I encourage them on a daily basis.

I hope you will celebrate with me as I join the -50 pounds club! I have a long way to go to get to my personal goals, but I have so many great tools to get me the rest of the way. If you want to know more about the great AdvoCare products that have helped me as no other product line ever has, then please contact me at

You can get healthy. You can improve your life. You can make changes. You can do it. You can reach your dreams!

Thank you all in advance for your encouragement. It really means a lot.

Good luck on YOUR Healthier YOU journey! DON’T LET ANYTHING STOP YOU!!! Break free and LIVE your dreams!

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