Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Stress. It is something you can't get away from in life. It is a natural response when we get scared. It is a natural response when we are too overloaded with activities in our life. It is a natural response when fighting with a loved one, getting frustrated with finances, or irritated by crazy drivers on our morning commute.

It is very dangerous. It can cause chemical imbalances in our bodies that can lead to insulin resistance, which over time can kill you. It can lead to elevated blood pressures which if are too high can cause stroke and possible death. It can even cause heart attacks too.

God was very wise when He told us to trust him, to cast our cares on him, and to help others.

Really think about it. When we are trusting God and HIS wisdom it is much easier to sleep at night because we have that comfort of knowing deep in the marrow of our bones that HE has got ME in the palm of HIS hand! Just hang on for the ride.

Think about the sense of RELIEF you have once you have truly turned over your burdens to the Lord in prayer. Peacefulness. It just fills you up.

I can think of no better stress reliever than helping others. It is something to the little saying, "It is better to give than to receive."

We all need to really take a look at our lives. Is stress a silent killer in your life? Is is a destructive presence for your weight loss goal? If yes, take some steps to deal with it.

I am looking into a low glycemic index diet/lifestyle. I am struggling with weight loss and an RN friend suggested I look into this method. Guess what, I just happened to OWN a book about it in my plethora of books about health/weight loss that I have never read. Now, I am convinced that book was written with my body as the inspiration for it.

I am away from the Internet due to a job change, but will continue to study to learn better health practices for myself. I am blessed with a 95 year old cheerleader as I "take my exercises." She tells me each day that she is proud of me, and it just bring tears to my eyes! :-)

Please take the time today to evaluate you life and the loads of stress you are under. It may really need attention.

Keep the faith! Stay the course! You can do it, and you can motivate others to do the same! Thank you always for you support and encouragement on this journey to a Healthier Me I am on, and I hope your journey is successful too!

Love and hugs! Leah.

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