Monday, August 20, 2012

Challenge....Are you Afraid?

   Do these words scare you?

Often on my journey to a Healthier Me I find myself fearing or dreading really the challenges of weight loss. New fitness routines, especially those that we have to do in a public setting can be just down right embarrassing at times to those of us who are not super trim. I often feel like the man on the bike above looks: barely making it, super uncomfortable, but take another look...he is facing the challenge! So no matter how pretty it looks I'll keep trying my best to face the challenges of getting healthier head on and just do it!

I want to encourage YOU today! There are many of us who need to put some more effort into routine exercise. We also need to put some more effort in to good healthy choices about what goes into our bodies to keep it running well. That is so HARD for me at times. We have discussed the fact that I am an emotional eater, struggle with binge eating, etc., and it is very hard to cope when dealing with the thought of DIETING. That is a dirty, dirty, dirty word that should be banned from our vocabulary!

I have been working out pretty steady for about 2 weeks. Nothing over the top, just about an hour each day of mostly pool work outs. I may choose to bump them up over the next few weeks just because the pool will be closing after Labor Day, and I love to swim and want to take advantage of the free LOW IMPACT venue of exercise. I am hoping to get a little more limber and more toned in the legs before I don't have the water exercise option for the awhile.

I have got some great people helping me right now. I am staying with my sister Molly and her  husband in Georgia for awhile. She has 5 kids and LOTS going on with all of them so an extra pair of helping hands and another chauffeur helps them out. However, the benefits for me are very very GREAT. The 5 kids keep me on my toes! I have 3 teens to go hiking with and we try to do so each weekend, and we try to work out together each day! (Try keeping up with teens at 30+! My competitive nature is in high gear!) I also have a pre-teen who likes to wrestle and make me laugh so hard I get free core work outs all the know those spontaneous work-outs that are amazing! Plus we have a toddler in the house that has us all wrapped around her little busy world. In addition to all the kiddie goodness in the house, my sister and her husband try to eat healthy and exercise too, so I am surrounded by good vibes to motivate me to get this Steps to a Healthier Me train in full gear!

There are many challenges in life. Some are just little playful dare like moments in life that won't matter in 10 years. They'll just be a memory. However, failing to meet my fitness and food challenges today may mean that I don't have another 10 years. So this is a challenge that is very important to me.

I recently learned about a challenge I want to try. It is the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. My sister Molly has done this and shared her results and how she felt. After using some other products from this company I am an excited and very hopeful believer. However, like anything if you don't follow the directions and CONTROL other parts of your life, nothing in a box or a bottle will help you. 

We all have challenges. The question is are we ready to rise up and meet them or let them beat us down? Here is a quick list of some little things we can do to help prepare us for meeting our better health goals.

1. Find a partner. It can be anyone, anywhere. Just someone that you are accountable too AND that will motivate you and offer support!

2. Do a self check. You need to be honest with yourself about eating habits and exercise patterns. 

3. Set some goals. Make little challenges and build up. Don't forget to set reward goals too! Life is not about doing without it is about living up to the potential GOD created for you when HE made you!

4. You may need some help to curb cravings or to give you a boost. Look into GOOD nutrition, and GOOD products that promote health and wellness. Their cost will pay off in the long run.

I hope to blog next week about how the first 7 days of my 24 day Challenge are going. Meanwhile, if there are any topics about health or fitness you would like to know more about please share some them. I'll do some digging and write up what I find. Chances are if you are wondering about it then folks out in the big blue yonder are too.

Thank you always for reading my rambles. You support and encouragement are very near and dear to me. Remember God has a plan for you and wants great things. He'll help you if you give your troubles over to Him. Have a great day! Leah

Here is a link to a Facebook page I created to go with this blog. Please share thoughts, encouragements, questions, etc. I hope it is a help to all of us who are trying to be more healthy

If you would like to know more about the 24 Day Challenge please contact me or visit: to order the 24 Day Challenge visit:

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