Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dealing with Grief

Grief. We all know it whether first hand or by association. It is a sad and painful thing. It can also be a train wreck for healthy living too. Many of us want to curl up in our beds with the covers over our heads as we go through grief. Sometimes those of us with food addictions can't seem to keep food out of our mouths!

If you are dealing with grief in your life and are trying to find balance once again I hope you find your way soon. These are some things that help me deal with grief and all of its accompanying emotions.

 Footprints in the Sand
I just like this little made up story. It really is a good summation of what God does for us. He is our shelter in a storm, the anchor that holds us fast, the comfort that we need, the strength that allows us to go on, and He truly understands our pain in any form.

I am grateful for the compassion I see displayed in times of grief as I see this verse carried out. I would not want to imagine coping with a loss without the love and support of my fellow Christians. Even if it is only a kind word left via Facebook, or a card mailed from places near or far, that support is oh so up lifting.
We need support groups in life. God has always understood this. He provided Adam with Eve. He commanded Noah and his sons to procreate to create more life on earth after the flood. Today He still promotes marriage and children in New Testament teachings, and in the New Testament He encourages us to fellowship with other Christians.

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle we must learn to deal with all emotions in a healthy way. So if you are dealing with grief please seek the Lord via prayer and His Holy Word. Let your fellow Christians know that you need them. Sometimes we don't know when someone is grieving, or hurting, or feeling sad or lonely. As a Christian, if you came to me needing comfort, support, uplifting, a hug, prayer, or just company I would have a very hard time saying no. If I could turn you away with no show of sympathy or concern, then my heart would definitely need some self examination.

Today's post is written with a heavy heart. September 17, 2009. It will forever remain as one of the saddest days of my life. Margaret "Maggie" Elizabeth - RIP dear niece. To her dear parents, my love and prayers go out during this sad time. My thanks too. They are such a true demonstration of how a marriage should be as they lean on, support, love, and deal with life as it comes their way. I have deep love and appreciation for a dear friend of theirs too, Lisa Ponder. She was always there. Answering questions, giving support, providing advice, and getting us all through that hard day. More than a friend, such a dear Sister in Christ!

Grief can overwhelm you. However, please let God in, and let the love of those around you who love you in too. And remember, there will be no tears in heaven. No sorrow there. Even painful memories will be erased for eternity. I found a lot of good information about grief and suggestions for getting through it.

Stay focused on your goals. Reach out for help when you need. Keep God the main thing. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! Thank you always for the encouragement. Leah

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