Saturday, September 17, 2011

Things that just go together.

I have been trying to exercises, eat right, study my Bible, do my job, try to get smocking done, and try to figure out to be in two places at one time. So, I feel like I am OUT of CONTROL!!!

So tonight as I prepare for bed I thought I would jot down some thoughts to share with you.

1. When it comes to our meals we need to get a healthy balance in throughout the day. If you are doing exercise you need to remember that your body needs protein to build and repair your muscles. You also must have carbs to provide fuel. Yes, your body will burn "fat" for fuel too, that is the plan, however we want to trick our metabolism into weight loss mode! So, make sure your smaller meals and your healthy snacks contain both carbs and protein.
Here are some examples of what I do. For breakfast I make some of my multi-grain "oatmeal" and will mix in a 1/2 cup of any flavor yogurt OR chop up 7 almonds and mix in with it. Snacks may consist of measured/counted almonds, walnuts, or cheese with a veggie or fruit. Lunch & supper will contain chicken or fish most times with veggies. Sometimes I will have beans of some sort instead of a meat that substitutes for protein.

2. When it comes to exercise we need to remember that STRETCHING definitely goes with exercise! I have been looking up information about this and am really trying to stretch more than ever. It helps you to limber up for exercise and makes you more flexible throughout the day too. It also prepares your muscles for the strain of the exercise you are going to put them through. When you stretch after you work out it helps relax muscles, helps to cool you down, and will help with cramping of muscles later I personally have found!

3. Prayer & Bible study. Do you know how many times I get so busy I FORGET to pray! It is just awful. I usually figure it out when I realize that my day is just spinning like a crazy top with nothing going right! Sometimes I find myself in my prayers and my crazy busy mind just splinters off onto a tangent, and I have to reel myself back in and get right with the Lord - again. I find trouble sometimes "being still" and remembering that God "is GOD"! And, when we study our Bibles we need to be seeking the Lord in prayer asking Him to help us understand His word as HE wants us to.

4. Motivation and encouragement they go to together too. Sometimes it is so hard to stay motivated by yourself. Sometimes you get motivated just by encouraging others. This blog provides me with a source of motivation with the hopes that something I am trying to do and learn to help myself, can be shared and help you. Sometimes, on down days or weak moments I can come to my computer and read your encouraging comments and find instant motivation. Sometimes, I can reach out to others that I know get what I am going through and we encourage one another, and we both get motivated! Never underestimate the power of an encouraging word. If you are feeling down think about others that may be feeling the same and you reach out. Who knows you may start an ENCOURAGEMENT REVOLUTION that gets a MOTIVATIONAL train going!

We all need to slow down and focus on our inner man each day. The soul will be with us for eternity and this old physical body for a short while. We need to take care of both that is for sure, but our SOULS are the most important.

I hope you all have a very good day. May you achieve your goals. Keep God the main thing. And as always thank you for your encouragement! Love and hugs! Leah

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