Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good Days, Bad Days!

Yesterday was a very good day for me. I met my food intake goals. I exercised. I did Bible study. I prayed. I got the house clean...really clean! A good day. It made me feel successful. However, I tried some things yesterday to keep me on task. I want to share.

1. I wrote down the things I needed to accomplish. I checked my list. I got them done. It is like the list was my accountability partner for the day! It really helped.

2. I wrote down a prayer list. I have done so many times in the past, but I got serious with this one. I listed specific things that are long term and that will stay on the list for a long time. I made a list of my family members. (Yes, my list is long and I am so blessed!) However, I felt that as I prayed and read their names out loud to God it made me more mindful of them, and it brought to mind specific things I needed to pray for concerning them (for example, Harley at 16 is a new licensed driver, and Amanda at 15 is a new permitted driver.), about our relationships with one another, about their walk with God, etc. AND, I wrote down the names of people that I specifically have stated on FB and other places that I would be praying for. I found that I truly spent quality time in prayer, kept my word about praying for others better, and this morning I nearly burnt my oatmeal because I was so caught up in praying thanks to my list!

3. I choose wise things to spend my idle time doing. I am researching information about America's problem with obesity. I am trying to understand the danger I am in very well. I am trying to arm myself with information to help me, and Lord willing help others who are going through the same things. I also spent time working on a Genesis study and a Proverbs 31 study I am involved in on FB. I find that having things of importance to study, and finding the study fun, helps me NOT want to fill my mind with idle, often very ungodly things from TV/Radio/Computer!

Now, I realize that some of you out there lead lives that are OVERWHELMING with busy, busy lifestyles. That is okay too. Just yesterday, a lady posted a comment on the Digging Deeper study on FB, and I wanted to know more about the comment she made. However, I felt like my brain was already doing all it could do to focus on the things it was. So, throughout the day, when I would be taking brain breaks, I would check the other comments made. Very insightful, informed and great stuff was posted. I came away with a better understanding of the topic. I let someone else do the digging, and I reaped the nugget!

We as individuals can't do it all. My sister Molly is always busy! She is the mother of 5. 16, 15, 14, 10, and 21 months, are the ages of her children. She is a homeschooling mom, and one of her children is autistic. Needless to say, she is busy trying to be a good Christian, wife, mother, autism advocate (which requires diligent RESEARCH) and balance out those demands with finding rest and time for herself in there too. I reap the benefits of her research all the time! And I am so blessed by what I learn!

My sister Julie is also a diligent researcher. She cleans houses for a living, and it is the perfect job for her. She loves cleaning, and likes everything to be perfect! As she cleans she listens to lessons, sermons, Bible, etc., on her Zune. When she first started cleaning houses she listened to mostly music, but then her heart started changing. She wanted to know more about evolution/creation. This led her to research how government works. This led her to come to see that sometimes our government, yes, even in America, isn't exactly godly and for the people. And, she started sharing her findings with us as her family, and we started growing and learning too.
Now, Julie and I will text each other to see what we are going to be listening to for the day. (She got a new Zune awhile back, and let me get her old one fully loaded with all sorts of goodies!) Sometimes, she will send me a text message that anyone else would find totally crazy, and I so get it...not because we are sisters, but because we have set our mind to the same things concerning growing in knowledge.

So how does this rambling post about research tie in with a title of "Good Days, Bad Days!"?

For me it is simple. When I plan by making a list, keeping a food journal, or a prayer journal, or making a prayer list it helps me be more successful which leads to a Good Day! If I try to keep my mind occupied with learning something new and worthwhile instead of dwelling on worldly matters it leads me to a "Good Day!"

Sometimes after watching a show on TV, I find myself like Adam & Eve, hiding from God. I know I have done something wrong. The same can be said with books with in appropriate content, or when I have just made a glutton of myself, or when I failed to meet my goal of exercise (after all goal setting for yourself is like making a covenant with yourself!), or have spent too much time wasted online. We all have our little addictions, and we all must find away to TRY to always put God first. When I do things that make me feel as if I have failed way too many times it leads me to a BAD DAY when trying to live a Healthier LIFE!
I hope you don't feel like you are in this kind of mess today!

Guilty feelings are not always bad. It is when we don't heed the "guilty feelings warnings" that creates a problem for us. That is our conscience, our soul, prodding us to be better, to do what is right, and to be more pleasing go the Lord.

We all can be better with just a little effort. If you are needing to lose weight make a list. Maybe your list will have one thing on it for starters. Maybe it will say, "I will stand up and walk in place during commercials as I watch TV." Maybe your prayer list will simply say, "Pray." It doesn't matter what goes down on the first list, all that matters is that you start making improvements.

If you are living, then there is something you can improve in your life! We are none perfect.

So, get out there and have a GOOD DAY today, however, if it turns out to be a BAD DAY remember tomorrow will be a NEW DAY and you can TRY again! Although, don't wait until tomorrow to TRY, because there is still time to make today GOOD!

Keep God the main thing. Stay focused on your goals. Get up when you fail. Reach out for help when you need it. Thank you always for your help, encouragement, and shared experiences. God's blessings to you all! Leah

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