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This morning’s bible reading was wonderful. One major lesson that I took this morning is to never take our eyes off our Lord. Eve's fall was immediate when she took her eyes off God and listened to Satan's lies. The challenge is ever set before us to keep our eyes on our Lord and Savior and draw close to him. Resist the devil and he will flee from you! James 4:7-8 Have a blessed day!

Today, I started a new Bible study with a lot of other women all over America. It really makes me more aware of the power of the Internet! As I walked behind the recliner, with my Bible open to Genesis, my Zune playing Genesis in my ears, ankle weights on, walking weights in my hand, water in easy reach and my flip flops a poppin’ (I do my walking inside in my flip flops!) I had several thoughts! However, the above nugget is a thought Ms. Sheri Harris had that led me to the message of this blog.
                                    (This is my cheap tread mill and podium!)

When it comes to weight loss and setting goals I am a MASTER. I know what works to lose it. I know how to fix and I know what types of food I need, and I know the quantity of food I need in order to lose weight. Even if I had no access to the Internet, a public library or a bookstore whatsoever, in my home alone, there are enough books from healthy cookbooks, to exercise books, to self help books about self image, weight loss, binge eating, emotional eating, etc., etc, that I could start with ZERO knowledge and read myself into a healthier lifestyle. BUT, the problem is not having access to the tools I need to succeed. It is NOT sticking to my word.


If I don’t stick to my word what does that make me? A LIAR, which is the flip side of that little coin.

Now, before I get all down on myself I must remind myself that I am human. It is okay to make mistakes, but it is not okay to ignore them, to continue making them, and to be unrepentant of them.

Let us go to Eve’s life lessons in Genesis 1-3. I would dare to say she was the most perfect woman that ever lived when it comes to physical attributes. She was made by God Almighty. She also lived in a paradise! Her yard was most likely filled with flowers and trees, and rivers, and animals, and she was married to the most perfect man that was ever made. (I am just supposing that the 1st man and woman God made were HIS best. Yet, at THEIR time they definitely fit the bill for best of everything!) However, all that was just fluff compared to getting to walk in the evenings with God in the midst and talk with HIM and get to hear HIM talk back to them.

Think about that. How many times have you just been disgusted with some failure, or problem, or hurt that led you to just pour your soul out to the Lord in prayer? While the pouring it out cleanses my soul, and the reading of HIS word draws me nearer to HIM. Sometimes, I would give ANYTHING, to be able to HEAR His reassuring blessings.

Eve’s life was pretty simple. Gen. 2:15 lets us know God wanted Adam to dress and keep the garden. Eve was his helper. They did not have issues of body image between them. He was the best looking man she had ever seen, and she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. They did not have concerns about rent, or utilities, or how to buy groceries. They didn’t even have children to care for yet. They certainly did not deal with negative censorship of worldly people for following God.

How many times have you said, “I’ll start tomorrow.” Or “If I only had this exercise video.” Or “If I just had someone to exercise with.” Or “----your excuse here----“?

Eve really had no excuse to blame her momentary lapse on, other than her human nature. This is a perfect example of what happens when we are distracted from God in any way. IT GIVES SATAN ON OPENING TO DESTROY OUR SOUL.

I wonder if Eve had that stomach jumping into your throat moment when she took the bite of forbidden fruit. I wonder how she felt when she first saw that she was naked. I wonder what kind of look the Devil expressed on that serpent’s face. I wonder why Adam ate it. I wonder what she said to Adam that got him to eat it. I wonder. I wonder. I wonder.

Adam and Eve displayed typical human behavior. It is natural for kids to attempt to hide mistakes at a young age from the adults in their lives. It is natural for kids to blame others too. Think about it. How many times while raising kids have you really believed that He/She Did It, or I Didn’t Do It, or Nobody really were live invisible people who lived in your home?

There have been times that I have looked at empty food packages and thought, “Did I really eat all of that?” There have been times when I have been the Devil’s tool to sabotaging myself. Like Eve, I took my focus off of God, and my goals, and failed.

To sum this rambling blog up here are some thoughts.

1.    Eve had it all, but messed up. God punished her, but also provided a way back to HIM if she chose to follow the way.

2.    The Devil may win battles here and there on earth, but thankfully, Jesus the promised one in Genesis 3:15, has won the heavenly eternal battle and all is good.

3.    I can see through this wonderful example that God, the Father of all mankind, loves the people (ME) that He created, that He will punish mistakes as a good parent should, that He will provide a way to come back into His good graces, and thanks to my favorite verse Philippians 4:13, I know I can do anything as long as I keep looking to HIM.

We are not perfect. We will fail here and there. BUT, when we fail we must get up, repent, and go forward. I challenge you today to study God’s word, to learn what repentance truly & Biblically is, and to not stay in the same old rut.

I am grateful for you. I am thankful for all encouraging words as I travel this journey to a Healthier Me. I hope we are on a wonderful journey together to becoming spiritually and physically fit workers for God’s ARMY!

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