Saturday, September 3, 2011

What No Magic?

How many times have you wished for overnight success? How about a magic pill to help with weight loss? How many times have you thought if you just had the right Bible study program to follow that you would be a more dedicated Bible student? There are some words that really hinder accomplishing goals. They are: If only _____.  When _____ happens.  I need ____.

I wish I could take a picture for you to see the number of books in my home. I have books that address marriage issues, how to work/fix relationships, binge eating, overeating, food addiction, handling anger, living with and overcoming addiction, healthy nutrition, exercise books, and a vast number of books to aid with Bible study. Yet, if you asked me right now I would have to tell you that I failed as a wife, I struggle with my temper, I have a hard time keeping addictions under control, and I feel like a poor Bible student. By sharing that with you I am revealing another flaw…I am a negative thinker!

These books along with all the exercise equipment, gym memberships, and dietary supplements/pills that I have bought over the years have been my way of seeking a magic bullet to deal with a major problem. Many of us in America are looking for that magic moment instead of being proactive and productive when it comes to dealing with personal flaws that need attention and improvement.

So today I have been looking for the most effective home exercise routines that can be done with no more monetary investment on my part. I could not help but laugh at myself when I read the following post on WebMD.

This little article utilized things I already have at my disposal at home. I have just failed to include the magic of them. What magic? Me and some motivation!

The only magic you need to succeed in your goals from weight loss to being a better Christian is very simple. YOU must become a DOER and not just a thinker of things. Don’t get discouraged because growth takes time. Sometimes it is so SLOOOOOW and others times it is so fast you feel afraid to blink in case you miss something. So make your plan and get busy!

If you are looking for a better method of Bible study and need a “group” to join please join us on FB in the group, “Digging Deep in God’s Word”. We have just started a yearlong Bible study that is already proving to be motivational and growth building for our souls!

And if you need group support on a budget for emotional eating programs or support system(s) please feel free to contact me at or check this link to find a nearby group of Overeaters Anonymous Sometimes we need the support, encouragement and sense of belonging that comes with a group striving for the same things. God knew this and encouraged us to fellowship with other Christians, and it works in the weight loss area too! Magic is just an illusion...God is real and His ways heal!

Of course don’t fail to seek the Heavenly Father out in prayer and through Bible study. After all He is the best friend with some awesome powers that you will ever have. If you don’t know Him and would like to learn more about Him I’ll be glad introduce you to Him though Bible study.

As always, I can’t express my thanks for your continued encouragement and support on my journey to a Healthier Me.

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