Thursday, September 8, 2011

When is too much of a good thing bad?

Today I am sitting with my foot propped up because I am quite sure that I am suffering from, Plantar fasciitis, in layman's terms, my left heel is not happy with my newly found exercise routines. So, I am forced to take a few days of recuperation time, and will be doing exercises on the floor or my Swiss ball. Not giving up on exercise, but limiting it a little.

I have to remind myself that I am a compulsive person. That is why I struggle to eat just one slice of pie instead of the WHOLE PIE. It is also why I struggle with exercise regiments. I determine in my head that I will workout and that means a workout like I would perform in high school as a basketball player. I am not in the 9th grade anymore, I am a FEW pounds heavier, and I  am very much out of shape. So I need to wrap my brain around exercising in a smart way that will lead to lasting results.

As for feeding the soul, there are some things that get me there too. Sometimes I overload my brain with too much factual information. I am a lover of books. I will read just about anything. Yet, the technical books...books I put in this category can be science, history, the Bible, exercise, diet/nutrition, etc., can bog my mind down if I study them too long. Why? Because the challenge is to remember, understand, and really learn what I am reading. It is totally different from Fluff reading.

Fluff reading is any reading done to relax or for entertainment. I have to be careful here. I was very guilty in the past of reading very indecent fluff books. Now, I am doing my best to make conscience decisions about what I read. If it gets racy, to many cuss words (including sissy cuss words and taking the Lord's name in vain), or makes me get that squirmy feeling in my soul, I stop reading it. This category sometimes includes blogs I read, magazines, Christian fiction, and even the Bible at times. (How can the Bible be considered fluff reading? When I am tired, but need to read before I sleep I usually don't recall a lot of what I read, so this time of Bible reading is just fluff time. I am not trying to break it down, digest it spiritually, I am just using the words on paper to slow down my mind. Sometimes it sticks, but this is NOT my study time.) I also have to use caution here, because I tend to focus too much on fluff. I limit fluff reading now to bathroom time only, and only one chapter at a time. That is way to much information I know, but I am trying to be real about addictive behaviors. I have literally read 4 books in one day because they were a series and I read them cover to cover. ALL DAY READING FLUFF! I have to set LIMITS for myself, or I get out of control with fluff reading.

So today the challenge is to BALANCE things out in life. Many of us wear different hats all throughout the day. Do your best, but remember you can't do it all. And if you go about the day, leaving God out, then you are destined to fail. Sometimes, if I know I will be on the road driving most of the day I plan ahead. I make sure my Zune is charged. It has the Bible, Christian music, and many great sermons and seminars to help me grow spiritually. I have found the radio, country included, is a very hazardous place to entrust my soul. I also find little ways to exercise in my seat. It may be contracting certain muscle groups and counting to eight, but it helps with the sedentary day. AND, if you struggle with food issues on the road, pack smart choices for a snack. The other day my smart choice included 14 almonds, 1/4 cup of raisins, and 3 Tbsp. of Sunflower seeds. That was my snacks so I knew to stretch it and that it was sufficient for between meals. Finding the balance is the keep to not finding yourself laid up with an injury because you particiated in too much of a good thing, or finding extra pounds because you failed to use self control with the cheese cake. Balance, you can do it, God will help, just ask Him!
I again thank you for your encouragement. I pray for the people reading my blog. I figure the Lord knows who you are! May you stay focused on your goals, and may we all be successful on the journey home. Heaven bound, no better way to be.

Stay focused, don't over do it, and keep on trying! Leah

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